75 Down Blocks Refining Karate Technique: A Systematic by Rick Clark

By Rick Clark


Every sort of karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, or different martial artwork comprises the down block as a part of its kata, or varieties. The types are comparable adequate that martial artists will realize them as down blocks, even if the explicit block appears to be like diversified from their very own type. Taken jointly, those blocks make up a "universe of hundreds" of alternative adaptations at the easy block

75 Down Blocks explores this universe to appear for the underlying ideas universal to all down blocks.

Author Rick Clark examines seventy-five diversified attainable adaptations at the simple down block—with examples on tips to use the down block to shield opposed to twelve types of attacks—from wrist grabs and punches to kicks and assaults with a stick.

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The 80/20 ratio is starting to look more like 90/10! Time, as you can see, is a precious commodity. It is therefore critical that you maximize the way you use your time. The amount of time you have to train, however, may not be as important as how you use that time. For starters, you can analyze and adapt your training to fit your specific needs-so that you get more out of every session. Know your needs, and your interests, and try to make them the focus of your training program. I would also like to offer you a simple tactic to make sure you get the most out of your development in the martial arts: We all have limits on the amount of time we can spend training.

However, there are times when this won't be possible, and you'll have to defend yourseU-or someone else. In these situations, where there's no chance of escape and you're at risk of suffering serious bodily harm, you may have to respond with physical force-whether or not a casual observer understands or appreciates the sequence of events. It seems reasonable that if you're in a situation where you fear for your life, you should be able to use deadly force to defend yourself. And if the potential danger you face is less than deadly, then your response should be less than deadly.

Figure 3-3: Continue the motion of your right hand, and bring your right fist up toward your left side. Figure 3-4: Strike down on your opponent's upper thigh at the tip of Gall Bladder 31 (Figure 3a) to collapse your opponent's leg. Figure 3-S: You could follow through with a hammer fist strike to the groin. 37 38 75 DOWN 8LOCKS 3a DEFENSE AGAINST A KICK TECHNIQUE 4 The following technique makes use of body motion to help you avoid the initial attack of your opponent. By turning your body to the side, you help remove the target presented to your opponent.

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