A Bundle of Christmas Babies by Lucy Monroe

By Lucy Monroe

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Elektra Natcios died, as soon as. however the appealing, risky heiress was once resurrected and recruited via a mysterious workforce often called The Chaste, who proficient Elektra within the artwork of strive against, then forged her out whilst her anger and lust for vengence grew to become greater than they can undergo. Now she works as a paid murderer, some of the best that money can purchase, person who is infamous for her deadly velocity and precision.

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The couple of times she had brought it up, he put it off, saying he wanted to keep her to himself and she believed him. His life was so hectic, so high pressure that she got a charge out of being what he called “his oasis” in the desert of a life filled with the grains of sand that comprised his business and family commitments. However, as the months grew to a year and he made trips back to Greece without ever once inviting her, she started to wonder about her role in his life. How necessary was an “oasis” and did him seeing her that way mean she was a mirage that would disappear from his life at some point in the future?

She gritted her teeth to stop from saying so. Adam had made it clear that she was not to upset his patient, going so far as to instruct her unequivocally not to tell Aristide about the baby. Bad enough Aristide had forgotten their child, but she must refrain from reminding him of the baby’s existence. It was just another poisoned dart of pain that had found its way with the unerring accuracy of a bull’s-eye to her heart. As kind as Adam had been to her, his concern for her husband was just as acute.

This man was dangerous, but so delectable she wasn’t sure that was going to matter to her. ” Aristide’s hand moved to cup her nape and his thumb brushed along her jaw. ” He pressed the phone into her hand. ” She did. Her father did indeed know who Aristide was and asked to speak to him. She couldn’t tell much from Aristide’s side of the conversation, but when she got the phone back, her father told her the other man was trustworthy. “But he’s out of your league, honey. ” she asked. Aristide frowned, his body stiffening with offense, and she could just tell he wanted to grab the phone back from her and tell her dad a thing or two.

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