A Treasury of Mahayana Sutras: Selections from the by Garma C.C. Chang

By Garma C.C. Chang

The Maharatnakuta Sutra is without doubt one of the 5 significant sutra teams within the Mahayana canon. Of the 2 nice colleges of Buddhism, Mahayana has the best variety of adherents around the world -- it prevails one of the chinese language, eastern, Koreans, Tibetans, and Vietnamese -- and comprises inside it a couple of activities, particularly Zen, that have been of starting to be curiosity within the West in fresh many years.

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T h e W orld-H onored O n e to ld her, “A magically produced being does not go to the miserable planes o f existence, n o r to heaven; nor does he attain nirvana. ” T h e layw om an replied, “As I see it, if m y o w n b o d y were different from a magically produced one, then I could speak o f going to the good or miserable planes o f existence, or o f attaining nirvana. I see no difference, though, betw een Sutra 31,Taisho 310 pp. 549-550; translated into Chinese by Bodhiruci. 38 O n E m p tiness m y bodv and a magically produced one, so h o w can I speak o f going to the good or miserable planes, or o f attaining nirvana?

Furtherm ore, W o rld-H onored O ne, nirvana's very nature is such that it is not reborn in the good or miserable planes, n o r docs it expcricnce parinirvana. I perceive that the same is true o f m y ow n nature. ” T he B uddha replied, “T h at w hich has never com e into being is nirvana itself. ” T h e W o rld -H o n o red O n e told her, “I raised the question because there are in this assem bly good m en and good w o m e n w h o can be b ro u g h t to m aturity. I am free o f mental attachments.

According to Buddhist tradition, attachment co chc bliss o f m cdiution can lead 4 m cdttitor to rebtnh m (he dhySna heavens. Birth in the heavens is n d to be sought for several reasons. O ne cannot gam supreme enlightenm ent if one is i god in heaven. Further* m orr, the rewards o f good karma and the pow er o f m cdiution will someday be exhausted, and the god muse then sufTer the agony o f death and possible rebirth in misctabtc sutcs. Finally, a wish for birth in the dhyam heavens is contrary to chc selfless ideals o f the M ahavana.

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