ABC of Hypertension by D. Gareth Beevers, Gregory Y. H. Lip, Eoin T. O'Brien

By D. Gareth Beevers, Gregory Y. H. Lip, Eoin T. O'Brien

High blood pressure is a situation which impacts hundreds of thousands of individuals world wide and its therapy vastly reduces the danger of strokes and middle assaults. This absolutely revised and up to date variation of the ABC of high blood pressure is a longtime consultant delivering all of the non-specialist must find out about the dimension of blood strain and the research and administration of hypertensive sufferers. This new version offers comprehensively up to date and revised details on how and whom to regard.

The ABC of high blood pressure will turn out beneficial to normal practitioners who might be screening huge numbers of sufferers for high blood pressure, in addition to nurse practitioners, midwives and different healthcare execs.

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White coat hypertension is present in 10–20% of clinic referrals for ambulatory blood pressure measurement; the reported prevalence in the population is around 10%. Patients with high conventional blood pressure and normal average daytime ambulatory pressures have a higher risk of major cardiovascular events than those with clinically normal blood pressure and a lower risk than those with high pressures during the daytime. White coat hypertension may affect young people, elderly people, people with normal blood pressure, those with hypertension, and pregnant women.

Ie) Normal blood pressure White coat window 240 Night Normal blood pressure 240 210 180 150 120 90 60 30 0 1200 1200 Factors suspicious for masked hypertension Blood pressure (mm Hg) Blood pressure (mm Hg) 120 Blood pressure (mm Hg) High diastolic blood pressure with normal systolic ambulatory blood pressure increasingly is being recognised. The importance of isolated diastolic hypertension awaits further research. 1500 1800 2100 0000 0300 0600 0900 1200 Time Hypertensive dipper—On the basis of recorded data and available literature, ambulatory blood pressure suggests mild daytime systolic and diastolic hypertension (147/93 mm Hg) and normal night-time systolic and diastolic blood pressure (111/66 mm Hg) with white coat effect (158/90 mm Hg).

Self-measurement of blood pressure may be combined with ambulatory blood pressure measurement to reduce the frequency of the latter. qxd 11/6/06 11:02 AM Page 30 ABC of hypertension Part IV: Self-measurement of blood pressure For more than 50 years, self-measured blood pressures in the home have been recognised to be lower than those recorded by a doctor. Self-measurement is popular with the public, as evidenced by the huge sales of devices for self-monitoring. Doctors have tended to be cautious in their use of the technique, but interest in self-measurement of blood pressure is reviving, although the fact that much research is needed is recognised.

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