Afrocentric Visions: Studies in Culture and Communication by Janice Hamlet

By Janice Hamlet

During this well timed quantity, editor Janice D Hamlet has selected essays which remove darkness from quite a few features of African American tradition, refracted during the lens of Afrocentric idea. The booklet examines: Afrocentric ideology and method; Afrocentric ways to the dynamics of conversation; the Afrocentric effect at the black aesthetic, with an exam of language, literature, oral culture, videos and tv; and the way forward for Afrocentric visions.

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13. It should be noted here that no one is necessarily born with a full-blown Afrocentric orientation, complete with an articulated ontology and epistemology. It should also be noted that people more directly of African descent (by whatever combination of scientific and cultural measures that seem appropriate) are more likely to be predisposed to an Afrocentric direction than are those who are of European or Asian descent. Nonetheless, people who are of European descent-Count Volney, De Lubicz, Gerald Massey, Melville Herskovits, Martin Bernal, and others are examples-can have an Afrocentric orientation.

A case in point is the Civil Rights Movement in the United States during the decade of the 1960’s. The Civil Rights Movement forced European American people in the United States to confront the system of racial preference. The obvious contradiction of overt racism and professed democratic principles became an international embarrassment for the self-proclaimed leader of the free world. ” In the process of getting passed various civil rights laws, an enlightened era in human relations was advanced.

76-77) Literacy seeks to attain the state described above, and its attainment is dependent on the application of historical understanding as the confluence between personality and situation dictates. This writer’s assertion is that 18 THE AFROCENTRIC PERSPECTIVE all African American ethical, psychological, socioeconomic, political and cultural activity is an attempt to attain freedom and literacy. Afrocentricity places the needs of African people at the center of all discussions. The quest to achieve freedom and literacy operates from that center.

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