Alvin Journeyman: The Tales of Alvin Maker IV by Orson Scott Card

By Orson Scott Card

Alvin Miller, a talented 7th son of a 7th son, makes use of his abilities as a Maker to aid create a brighter destiny for the USA, yet his job is additional challenged by means of his old enemy, the Unmaker, who plots to finish Alvin's lifestyles.

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It took this boneheaded old fool to show me the kind of contempt that people have for me. Always comparing me to Alvin, perfect Alvin, Alvin the Maker, Alvin the virtuous son. Alvin the hypocrite. He does with his power just what I want to do– only he's so subtle about it that people don't even realize he's controlling them. Tell us what to do, Alvin! Teach us how to Make, Alvin! Does Alvin ever say, It's not your knack, you poor fool, I can't teach you how to do this any more than I can teach a fish to walk?

He was a sweet boy, they all say it. He and Alvin were close as boys can be, I mean they fought but there was never malice in it and Cally grew up knowing Al would die for him. So what was it made jealousy start to gnaw at Calvin's heart and turn him away from his own brother and want to undo all his work? I heard a lot of the tale I'm about to tell you from Cally's own mouth, but you can be sure he never sat down and explained to me or anybody why he changed. Oh, he told plenty of folks why he hated Alvin, but there's no ring of truth in what he says about that, since he always accuses his brother of doing whatever his audience hates the most.

Asked Taleswapper. ” “Interesting. I ask of healing and you answer with killing. ” “With his hands, not with his knack. A man who had just murdered an innocent woman who died to protect her son from captivity. ” “Yes, there you are, Alvin is always righteous and wonderful, while Calvin can't do nothing right! ” “He gets to do what he wants and then talks about how he's learned better now, but if I do the same things then I'm not worthy! I can't be taught any of his secrets because I'm not ready for them only I am ready for them, I'm just not ready to let Alvin decide how I'll use the knack I was born with.

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