Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas (8th Edition) (Color Atlas of by Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll

By Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll

Organize for the dissection lab and working room with Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas, 8e. that includes remarkable full-color pictures of exact cadaver dissections with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic photos, this confirmed textual content depicts anatomic constructions extra realistically than illustrations in conventional atlases. Chapters are geared up by way of area within the order of a customary dissection with every one bankruptcy featuring topographical anatomical buildings in a systemic manner.

Authentic photographic copy of colours, buildings, and spatial dimensions as visible within the dissection lab and at the working desk assist you strengthen an figuring out of the anatomy of the human body.
Functional connections among unmarried organs, the encompassing tissue, and organ structures are clarified to organize you for the dissection lab and sensible exams.
Clinical instances and over 1,200 pictures increase your understanding.
Dissections illustrate the topographical anatomy in layers "from the surface in" to raised arrange you for the lab and working room.

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2014 8:51 Uhr Seite 51 Deciduous and Permanent Teeth Deciduous teeth in a child’s skull. The developing crowns of the permanent teeth are displayed in their crypts in the maxilla and mandible. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Permanent incisors Permanent cuspid (canine) Premolars First permanent molar Second permanent molar Mental foramen Comparison of the deciduous and permanent teeth. Notice that the breadth of the alveolar arch of the child’s mandible and maxilla holding the deciduous teeth is nearly the same as the comparable portion in the jaws of the adult.

Isolated teeth of the alveolar part of the maxilla (top row) and the mandible (lower row), labial surface of the teeth.

The individual bones are indicated by different colors. 2014 8:50 Uhr Seite 35 Skull of the Newborn Cranial skeleton 1 Frontal tuber or eminence 2 Parietal tuber or eminence 3 Occipital tuber or eminence 4 Squamous part of temporal bone 5 Greater wing of sphenoidal bone Facial skeleton 6 Maxilla 7 Mandible 8 Zygomatic bone 9 Nasal bone Skull of the newborn (anterior aspect). Sutures and fontanelles 10 Frontal suture 11 Coronal suture 12 Sagittal suture 13 Lambdoid suture 14 Anterior fontanelle 15 Posterior fontanelle 16 Sphenoidal (anterolateral) fontanelle 17 Mastoid (posterolateral) fontanelle Base of the skull 18 Frontal bone 19 Ethmoidal bone 20 Sphenoidal bone 21 Hypophysial fossa (sella turcica) 22 Dorsum sellae 23 Temporal bone 24 Mastoid (posterolateral) fontanelle 25 Occipital bone In the newborn, the facial skeleton, in contrast to the cranial skeleton, appears relatively small.

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