Angiogenesis and direct myocardial revascularization by Roger J. Laham, Donald S. Baim

By Roger J. Laham, Donald S. Baim

An interdisciplinary panel of pioneers and opinion leaders evaluation the elemental, preclinical, medical, and developmental pathways to new remedy ideas, corresponding to healing angiogenesis and myogenesis. The authors benefit from new organic figuring out, novel healing goals, a number of to be had and well-studied healing innovations, and the mandatory imaging suggestions to degree results. Their in-depth discussions hide the identity of recent healing pursuits and pathways, the research of transcriptional components, grasp change molecules, cell-based ways, chemokines, a greater figuring out of the consequences of getting older, endothelial disorder, and hypercholesterolemia based on angiogenic stimuli. Highlights comprise exam of drug supply difficulties, results degree, stem remedy, high-risk interventions, improvement pathways, and destiny probabilities.

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2. A variety of angiogenic growth factors and anti-inflammatory/ antithrombotic/antiplatelet agents may directly affect the process of ameroid-induced coronary occlusion, which could impact the dynamics of collateral expansion. Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF)-2 has been shown to be a nitric oxide-dependent vasodilator and possibly a coronary vasodilator as well, a property that might affect the process of ameroid-induced coronary occlusion in vivo. 3. A variable amount of infarction (mostly subendocardial), as well as sudden death in a significant fraction of animals, occurs (6).

CONSERVATION OF TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS INVOLVED IN VASCULAR DEVELOPMENT One potential criticism of using nonmammalian models to identify the transcription factors involved in regulating blood vessel development is that the same factors may not be evolutionarily conserved. Arguing against this is the fact that studies in the chicken and zebrafish have demonstrated that the factors not only are conserved with regard to protein sequence, but also show a similar enriched expression pattern during vascular development.

5 as a result of an absence of yolk sac erythropoiesis (46). However, it was unclear whether this gene might also contribute to nonhematopoietic pathways at later stages of development. By performing transgenic experiments in which the GATA-1 promoter is used to restore SCL gene expression in hematopoietic lineages in SCL–/– mice, the mice develop striking abnormalities in yolk sac angiogenesis (6). This suggests that certain transcription factors may be critical for both the normal development of hematopoietic cells and blood vessels and that there may be a common stem cell precursor for both lineages.

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