Armed for Personal Defense by Jerry Ahern

By Jerry Ahern

Don't be a victim—Be a survivor!

Ever think threatened in your house? on your vehicle? in the street? Violent criminals are everywhere—and that is why you would like Armed for private Defense by means of Jerry Ahern. In Armed for private Defense, you are going to examine the fundamentals of hid hold, from what sort of gun to decide on to what sort of holster. additionally, you will find out about knives, golf equipment and improvised guns that may store your lifestyles while a gun isn't really available.

It's All Here!

  • The most sensible self safeguard calibers
  • Revolvers vs. semi-automatic pistols
  • Holsters: what style is better for you?
  • Improvised weapons
  • And a lot more!

Self safeguard is YOUR accountability! So commence arming your self today—with Armed for private Defense!

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The bedroom should be as fortified as possible against attack, since such incidents often take place during the hours when many of us are abed. If someone is silly enough to invade my home, the person (that term used quite loosely) will be greeted by a variety of projectile weapons, edged weapons and impact weapons. Aside from more than one handgun, I sleep with a Katana and Wakazashi beside the bed. And, of course, my cellular phone. You should always have a large, powerful, police-style flashlight beside your bed in the event of a power failure.

Indd 37 8/10/10 5:04:33 PM ARMED FOR PERSONAL DEFENSE Not a chemical but always around the kitchen, salt and especially pepper can be hurled into the eyes of an attacker. Sugar and flour and corn starch and anything else like that will, at the very least, disorient an attacker. They are, after all, abrasives. Hot items on the stove – especially liquids – can be used in self defense. A hot steam iron can do serious harm to an attacker, but even a cold one can be used as a bludgeon against the face and head.

If you carry tools, screwdrivers don’t need to be sharpened in order to be used quite effectively as a thrusting/stabbing weapon. Claw hammers are great, too. Push the alarm button on your “key” and start your horn going to draw attention to what is happening. Just for safety and convenience in everyday driving, an automobile should always be equipped with an entrenching tool and an axe at the very least. Trench shovels can be used very effectively as a weapon and were, as I understand it, employed as such against human wave attacks during the Korean War.

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