Atlas of Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic Variants by Donald E. Thrall DVM PhD DACVR, Ian D. Robertson BVSc

By Donald E. Thrall DVM PhD DACVR, Ian D. Robertson BVSc DACVR

Equip your self to make actual diagnoses and attain winning therapy results with this hugely visible finished atlas. that includes a considerable variety of new excessive distinction pictures, Atlas of ordinary Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic editions within the puppy and Cat, 2d version provides an in-depth examine either general and non-standard matters besides demonstrations of right procedure and photo interpretations. professional authors Donald E. Thrall and Ian D. Robertson describe a much broader diversity of "normal" compared to competing books — not just displaying common canine and cats, but in addition non-standard topics comparable to obese and underweight pets and animals with breed-specific diversifications. everybody half is positioned into context with a textual description to assist clarify why a constitution looks because it does in radiographs, and permitting practitioners to understand adaptations of ordinary that aren't incorporated, in response to an knowing of easy radiographic principles.

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A, Schematic showing the oblique positioning for radiography of the right maxillary dental arcade. Padding has been placed under the mandible to elevate the mandible and to rotate the left side of the patient’s head dorsally. The left side of the patient is subsequently projected dorsally, and the right maxillary and mandibular arcades are projected ventrally. Both a left and a right marker should be used to avoid confusion as to which arcade is highlighted. B, Radiograph of an 8-month-old mixed breed dog, positioned as in A.

Figure 2-4. Oblique view of a maxillary dental arcade of an 8-month-old mixed breed dog. The four premolars and two molars are readily identifiable. The fourth upper premolar (08) and the first lower molar (09) are sometimes referred to as carnassial teeth. PM4 Chapter 2 n The Skull 25 Figure 2-5. Transverse CT image at the level of the rostral aspect of the carnassial teeth of a cat. The slice is at right angles to the hard palate. The white arrow is a root of the left fourth upper premolar (tooth 208, using the modified Triadan system).

Volume rendered 3-D image of the rostral aspect of the left mandible of a dolichocephalic dog. The two focal defects in the rostral aspect of the mandible, delineated by the hollow white arrows, are the mental foramina. As these foramina extend obliquely through the lateral cortex, a poorly defined region of radiolucency is created. important site for muscle attachment (see Figure 2-30). At the rostral aspect of each body, immediately ventral to the first and second premolars, are the mental foramina, usually two associated with each mandible.

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