Baguazhang Volume 2 by Erle Montaigue

By Erle Montaigue

Baguazhang is related to be the sister of Tai Chi Chuan, the mummy of the 3 inner platforms. it's one of many most recent chinese language healing/martial arts of the inner procedure and comprises some of the best of the Shaolin Martial arts in addition to the superior of the Buddhism or Taoism combating arts.

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One that teaches how to fight in real situations is the one that you should pursue. The level that Baguazhang will take both your self defence and healing ability is limitless, use it for the good of people-kind and not simply for fighting as this is the most base level!

I further take a slap step with my right foot dragging my left foot up and attack his left side with double palms. PHOTO NO. 281. A177. Here you are attacking to a deadly combination of Dim-mak points. You rlef tpalm attack to SP21 which controls the whole upper body, while your Right palm attacks o K25, which causes the Kidneys to fail. Attacking these points together, causes death. TA K I N G A S T E P A N D S L I P P I N G A L A T E R A L PA L M : ( O p p o s i t e ) I now swivel around to the S.

I take a step with my right toe to the S. and take my right palm under to block and attack his right arm Page 51 FIGHTING FORM as before. Now, I take a step with my left foot to lift his right arm with my right palm and attack his right side with my left palm. I further take a left slap step to attack his right side with double palms. C A R E F U L LY P U L L I N G T H E G OA T F O R WA R D : Facing the S. I take a left step backwards and slip block with my right palm under my left to take his right attack.

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