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Complications in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

This multi-contributed textual content intends to fill a void in ophthalmic literature through taking a look into eyelid and lacrimal surgical procedure issues and their respective remedies. A huge diversity of ophthalmologists, together with citizens and normal ophthalmologists, will enjoy the direct and concise insurance of the main as a rule encountered methods.

Curbside consultation in pediatric GI : 49 clinical questions

Are you searching for concise, sensible solutions to these questions which are usually left unanswered by way of conventional pediatric GI references? Are you looking short, evidence-based recommendation for classy circumstances or debatable judgements? Curbside session in Pediatric GI: forty nine scientific Questions presents speedy solutions to the tough questions most ordinarily posed in the course of a “curbside session” among pediatricians.

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Liu et al. Clinical Study The sequelae of corneal wound healing in refractive surgery can lead to undesirable complications, such as corneal haze, epithelial ingrowth, and regression [6, 11–13, 43, 44]. 1 %). Among these 127 eyes that had corneal haze, 10 of them had notes of perioperative complications, with six cases of difficult lenticule extraction and four minor tears at the incision. These perioperative complications may trigger greater extent of inflammatory cytokines release, leading to corneal haze.

Both incisions are connected to each other by a side cut on the edge of the lenticule, which is normally 8 M. Bischoff and G. Strobrawa Limbus Cap cut Cornea Lenticule cut Incision width Cap diameter Incision position Lenticule diameter Lenticule Cap Lenticule thickness Cap thickness Lenticule cut Lenticule side cut angle Incision side cut angle Cornea Lenticule diameter Cap dimeter Fig. 3 Parameters associated with SMILE for myopia. (a) Is a schematic view from above of a cornea with lenticule and cap already cut.

Tervo K, van Setten GB, Beuerman RW, Virtanen I, Tarkkanen A, Tervo T (1991) Expression of tenascin and cellular fibronectin in the rabbit cornea after anterior keratectomy. Immunohistochemical study of wound healing dynamics. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 32(11):2912–2918 35. Satoh M, Hirayoshi K, Yokota S, Hosokawa N, Nagata K (1996) Intracellular interaction of collagen-specific stress protein HSP47 with newly synthesized procollagen. J Cell Biol 133:469–483 36. Nagata K (1998) Expression and function of heat shock protein 47: a collagen-specific molecular chaperone in the endoplasmic reticulum.

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