Beginning Wing Chun by Alan Gibson

By Alan Gibson

Atmosphere a brand new benchmark in martial arts literature, this thoroughly revised version has been up to date to mirror the evolution of educating equipment, either one of the writer and of the martial arts global in most cases. once more this crucial handbook is obviously illustrated with images and diagrams, yet in addition, it now includes a entire set of teaching drills, with key footwork and suggestion linking tools. struggling with perform, fence paintings, and energy and conditioning also are integrated during this complete remodeling of a vintage e-book. learn the way Wing Chun works, why it's so powerful in perform and why its equipment fluctuate so significantly from different martial arts.

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Without the use of this method, it would be necessary to see and understand the nature of each attack, choose an appropriate defence and then act accordingly. This is not necessary with a contact reflex as the response is immediate. The exercises and drills of Wing Chun train the arms and hands to act as sensors to enable us to feel the direction, strength and speed of threats. The movements and hand shapes that we use are a result of our opponent’s actions. Remember that the movement involved in making the change from one position to the next is more important than the final position.

Siu Nim Tau contains reference points for all the basic techniques, so make sure you get it right from the outset. The opening shows us how to find the correct stance, defines the centre line and demonstrates the centre punch. This is also the correct order of importance: Stance, centre, and attack. The first section introduces the central idea of structure and trains us to develop the muscles and joints of the shoulder, arm and wrist in the proper way, without involving excessive movement 59 Beginning Wing Chun_INSIDE_SPREA59 59 19/09/2006 09:28:44 BEGINNING WING CHUN or tension.

23). Defending Against Kicks Prevention of and defence against kicks can be achieved in several different ways; first comes proximity and pressure. Many fighters do not feel comfortable with the range that the Wing Chun practitioner employs and certainly cannot kick effectively whilst being relentlessly punched in the face. If the opponent attempts to regain distance, simply chase them back using the idea of Hoi Sung. ‘Kick a kicker,’ is another phrase that springs to mind here. In other words, if an opponent attempts to kick you from close range, pick your own lead leg up, preventing it being trapped against the ground and kick the supporting leg (or the kicking leg) of your opponent away (Pic.

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