Bernhard Varenius (1622-1650) by Margret Schuchard

By Margret Schuchard

Bernhard Varenius' books inspired the background of technological know-how in this sort of approach that Isaac Newton, Alexander von Humboldt and Tsar Peter the nice all talked about him. Varenius wrote the 1st complete description of Japan (Descriptio regni Japoniae, 1649) from a ecu standpoint, solely in accordance with a variety of resources. however the effect of his Geographia generalis (1650) explains his score one of the founding fathers of geography as a technology. He referred to as 'general' geography a department of (applied) arithmetic which doesn't take care of nearby specifics. The contributions during this booklet concentrate on his multi-faceted paintings, the impression of his books and the tragically brief lifetime of this younger polymath from Germany who benefited from the intellectually stimulating milieu of Leiden and Amsterdam. members comprise: Horst Walter Blanke, Reinhard Duchting, Klaus Lehmann, Robert Mayhew, Sandra Rebok, Folker Reichert, Frank Richter, Margret Schuchard, Denis J.B. Shaw, Ulrich Staffhorst, Johann Anselm Steiger, Rienk H. Vermij, and Ernst-Christian Volkmann.

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This is not always convincing, as a closer comparative analysis of the Lutheran texts that Varenius stated were identical does not conÀrm his claims. Nevertheless, Varenius rightly points out how the BWC should be taken ad meliorem partem: he reads Arndt through the perspective of prominent orthodox theologians and contributes a great amount of different material on orthodox Arndtianism. In the controversy between Osiander and Varenius, it was Varenius who was the victor, because the Stuttgart consistorium criticised Osiander for not having submitted his book for censorship before publication, and when Osiander wanted to reply to Varenius in print, the consistorium refused permission.

DBA 1: 1301, 293. 18 1628 verließ Varenius Hitzacker und trat das Amt des Propsten und Superintendenten in Uelzen an. Vgl. Heinrich Varenius: Eine Antrits=Predigte Von Dem Ampte aller getrewen Lehrer vnnd Áeissigen Zuhörer/ voll schöner Lehr vnd Erinnerunge/ Aus Dem ordentlichen Evangelio Dominica Sexagesimae, Jn der Kirchen zu S. Marien in Vltzen gehalten [. ]. 12° Helmst. [1]). 19 2 Teile. Lüneburg 1624 (HAB Wolfenbüttel Alv. Ac 550). ). Varenius’ Schrift erfuhr eine Erwiderung durch den mecklenburgischen Hofprediger Georg Rost (1582–1629): Georg Rost, Amica ac fraterna Admonitio Super Controversijs DE VERO DN.

Quite in the spirit of his father, he mentions the “infamous” Anabaptists and Socianists along with other less known sects (paragraph 7, p. 229). But otherwise his report is restrained and not as adorned with extra epithets of value judgement as in Francisci’s additions to the actual translation (he refers to heathens as “schädliches Unkraut” or “Greuel” and speaks of “Irrglaube” where Varenius simply says “Mahometanorum Religio”, 259). Among Varenius’ acknowledged sources are Maffeus (Giovan Pietro Maffei) on the Abessinians with his book Historia Indiae Orientalis (252), Johann Heinrich Alstedt about Mahometans (264), the Jesuit Nicolaus Trigautius (Trigault) on China (266), the Portuguese Petrus (Pedro) Texeira on India (290), the head of the Dutch trading settlement in India Johannes à Twist (294), and several Dutchmen who had just returned from Angola, as Varenius was writing this (307).

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