Booker T. Washington and the Struggle against White by David H. Jackson Jr. (auth.)

By David H. Jackson Jr. (auth.)

This e-book narrates and analyzes the southern excursions that Booker T. Washington and his affiliates undertook in 1908-1912, pertaining to them to Washington's racial philosophy and its influence at the a number of elements of black society.

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Du Bois convincingly argued that those histories were more emotional than scholarly. 56 Du Bois certainly exercised the power of the pen in a most erudite fashion to defend black people’s humanity. Like Du Bois, Washington and his supporters, called Bookerites, responded to the challenges African Americans faced in a variety of ways. The following chapters will illuminate some of the ways they addressed these matters. However, first, it is essential to have a clearer understanding of the language used by Washington and his associates as they toured the South.

11 On at least one occasion, Washington rescued a black man from danger, even when his decision to do so could have spelled disaster for THE PSYCHOLOGY OF “BLACK SURVIVALISM” 35 Tuskegee Institute. On the night of June 8, 1895, Thomas A. Harris, a black Tuskegee lawyer seen as a “militant” by local whites, ran to Washington’s house on Tuskegee’s campus fleeing a white mob out to kill him. ” “He appeased the local whites by publicly seeming to turn the man away, while privately like a house servant fooling the master he helped the man to safety and a doctor,” Harlan wrote.

In that instance, Banks dealt with a white man named W. L. Park, vice president and general manager of the Illinois Central Railroad. Banks announced that “the Negro problem . . is being . . ” In this case, like in numerous others, Banks knew that most Southern whites did everything but “encourage” and “help” them. 31 On yet another occasion, Banks illustrated to Washington how he could manipulate the thinking of whites to suit his own purposes. While on a trip giving an interview to a white reporter, the white man offered him money to cover his expenses.

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