Buddhist Mahayana Texts by E.B. Cowell, F. Max Muller, J. Takakusu

By E.B. Cowell, F. Max Muller, J. Takakusu

It is a subset of the Sacred Books of the East sequence together with translations of the entire most crucial works of the seven non-Christian religions that have exercised a profound impact at the civilizations of the continent of Asia. The works were translated through major specialists of their box.

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Mahâbh. I, civ). Mamatâ had Dîrghatamas by her husband and Bharadvâga by Vrihaspati. The MSS. ] 75. 'The Moon, the best of offerer’s, begat Budha of divine nature on the spouse of Vrihaspati as she was offering a libation [1]. 76. 'So too in old time Parâsara, overpowered by passion on the bank of the Yamunâ, lay with the maiden Kali who was the daughter of the son of the Water (Agni). 77. The sage Vasishtha through lust begot a son Kapiñgalâda on Akshamâlâ a despised low-caste woman [2]. 78. And the seer-king Yayâti, even when the vigor of his prime was gone, sported in the Kaitraratha forest with the Apsaras Visvâkî.

Another, with fully-developed limbs, her mouth wide open, her saliva dropping, and her person exposed, lay as though sprawling in intoxication--she spoke not, but bore every limb distorted. 62. Thus that company of women, lying in different attitudes, according to their disposition and family, bore the aspect of a lake whose lotuses were bent down and broken by the wind. 63. Then having seen these young women thus lying distorted and with uncontrolled gestures, however excellent their forms and graceful their appearance--the king's son felt moved with scorn.

1. Sc. nirvrita. 2. Gagamegharshabhabâhunisvanâkshah? So Chinese translation, Beal, st. 356. 3. ] 31. 'The mind of the thoughtless ignorant young man whose senses are eager for worldly objects, and who has no power of settled resolution for the hardships of vows of penance, shrinks back from the forest, for it is especially destitute of discrimination. 32. 'It is high time for me to practice religion, Oh my child of loved qualities [1], leaving my royal glory to thee who art well worthy to be distinguished by it; but thy religion, Oh firm-striding hero, is to be accomplished by heroism; it would be irreligion if thou were to leave thine own father.

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