Capital as Organic Unity: The Role of Hegel’s Science of by Mark E. Meaney Ph.D. (auth.)

By Mark E. Meaney Ph.D. (auth.)

This booklet is a piece of old serious exegesis. It goals to set up the impact ofG.W.F. Hegel's technological know-how of good judgment (SL) at the Grundrisse of Karl Marx. I reveal that the Hegelian common sense guided Marx's doctrinal improvement, and that the ordering of financial different types within the Grundrisse displays the ordering ofthe logical different types within the SL. A ancient severe exegesis can identify the impacts on an writer in basic terms by way of likelihood. The exegesis can determine a specific effect with various levels of chance, yet not often with certitude. therefore, ancient serious exegeses are constrained in scope. This truth has merits and drawbacks. old serious exegesis confines us to the actual texts into account and avoids the complexity frequently linked to different kinds of textual exegesis, for instance, structural exegesis. It needs to occasionally depend on such doubtful facts as phrasing. in addition, whilst one textual content is allegedly present in one other as a subtext, the exegesis specializes in the subtext prescinding from all different content material. This slender concentration poses a probability, simply because such an workout is of course reductive. it will probably seem to decrease the whole paintings into account to the subtext. this actual chance is heightened while the paintings into account used to be no longer released by way of the writer, yet is a sequence of manuscripts-a type of laboratory. simply because my exegesis makes a speciality of the subtext, the Grundrisse looks smoother and extra entire than it truly is. those manuscripts are extra entire than is typically intended, yet they're however manuscripts.

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It had already played its role as measure prior to circulation, and now is "superseded" in the "constant alternation" or "infinite process" of the exchange of commodity for commodity. Yet exchange is not only a mediation of commodities through money, but also the mediation of money with itself through commodities. Money posits the relation between "equivalents," thereby negating itself in their relations, only to return to itself as a "negative unity," as the result of the process that it had initiated.

N 321, MEW 240). 14 Cf. 115-124, for a discussion of the transition from Quality to Quantity. " Yet despite the fact that it is both continuous and discrete, being-for-self nevertheless remains a "self-identical immediacy" (sichselbstgleicher Unmittelbarkeit)(SL 187-88, STW 211-12). 16 Marx states: "As a value, the commodity is an equivalent; as an equivalent, all its natural properties are extinguished, it no longer takes up a special qualitative relationship towards the other commodities" (Als Wert ist die Ware Aquivalent; als Aquivalent sind aile ihre natiirlichen Eigneschaften in ihr ausgeloscht; steht sie in keinem qualitiitiven besondren Verhiiltnis mehr zu den andren Waren)(N 140, MEW 76).

It is not as yet the "free Concept which alone gives its differences an immanent determination" (SL 373, STW 445). Georg Friedrich Hegel, Science of Logic (SL), trans. V. Miller (London: Allen and Unwin, 1969), pp. 67-80; (STWI). pp. 65-82; cf. Errol E. : University Press of America, 1983), pp. 8~ 93. 2 See Harris, An Interpretation, esp. "Introduction," for a thorough discussion of the objective and subjective foundations of Hegel's concept of scientific method; cf. "With What Must a Science Begin," in Harris, An Interpretation, for a consideration of the foundations of the beginning of science according to Hegel.

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