Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Related Technologies by Ying Wu, John J. Carroll, Zhimin Du

By Ying Wu, John J. Carroll, Zhimin Du

Carbon dioxide sequestration is a expertise that's being explored to lower the anthropogenic emission of CO2 into the ambience. Carbon dioxide has been implicated within the worldwide weather swap and decreasing them is a possible solution.The injection of carbon dioxide for greater oil restoration (EOR) has the duel good thing about sequestering the CO2 and lengthening the lifetime of a few older fields. Sequestering CO2 and EOR have many shared parts that cause them to comparable.This quantity provides a number of the most recent info on those procedures masking actual homes, operations, layout, reservoir engineering, and geochemistry for AGI and the similar applied sciences.

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Vibrating Tube Densimeters, VTDs, have the advantage of a small volume, applicability over a wide range of densities, typically p = 1 to 2000 kg m 3 , and they can be used to measure densities for static or flowing fluids. VTDs have long been used by the brewing and distillation industry to quantify alcohol content [13]. The precision of the VTD technique was improved in 1974 by Picker et al. [14] and extended to high pressure in 1984 by Albert and Wood [15]. Provided they are coupled with good temperature and pressure control, they can yield accurate results up to very high pressures.

Data 42,900-902 (1997). 9. C. R. T. Eubank, G. Q. Watson, W. M. G. T. Bellomy, /. Chem. Thermodyn. 19,1233-1250 (1987). 10. C E . J. R. C. E. N. Marsh, /. Chem. Eng. Data 46,1309-1318 (2001). 38 CO SEQUESTRATION AND RELATED TECHNOLOGIES 11. W. Duschek, R. Kleinrahm and W. Wagner, /. Chem. Thermodyn. 22, 827-840 (1990). 12. W. Duschek, R. Kleinrahm and W. Wagner, /. Chem. Thermodyn. 22, 841-864 (1990). 13. H. W. M. Timmel, /. Assoc. Anal. Chem. 62,653-658 (1979). 14. P. Picker, E. Tremblay and C.

The isothermal expression used for calculating the density was Pr,a = K (P) ■ {rf,a - 4,b ) + PT,b O) For Equation 3, pTa is the density of fluid a, x\A is the oscillation time period of the tube filled with fluid a and x\h is the oscillation time period for the tube filled with air at laboratory pressure. 09 MPa (atmospheric pressure in Calgary). ). Unlike several of the densimeter techniques, most viscometers are built to measure liquid or gaseous viscosity and are rarely designed for a large range of viscosity.

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