Catecholamines: Basic and Clinical Frontiers. Proceedings of by Earl Usdin (Eds.)

By Earl Usdin (Eds.)

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M . 001 a) D a t a from an o n g o i n g Swedish study. b) η = 16; vs. 69** ± 3266 MAO d . p. m. 009 5-HT nmol/g n=13 0. 63 control The M A O data (wi th ß - p h e n e t h y l a m i n e as c) η = 11 Chronic Alcoholism A l c o h o l abuse often terminates in severe d e m e n t i a . that in chronic a l c o h o l i c s we find bra in-transmitter senile dementia. It is thus interesting to note c h a n g e s similar to those of These data suggest that chronic a l c o h o l abuse c a n the a g i n g process, a t least in certain neuronal systems.

W i n b l a d very low levels in rat brain (Ref. 30). The possibility may thus be considered that the aromatic L - a m i n o a c i d decarboxylase is r a t e - l i m i t i n g least in certain individuals. 20) ( 0 . 06 - ( 0 . 25) Hippocampus 0. 17) in the human b r a i n , This alternative is also compatible with the at explana­ tion of manic phases in terms of compensatory mechanisms as depicted in F i g . The very high dopa levels in the brains of certain i n d i v i d u a l s , i n c l u d i n g such with no known neuropsychiatric disorder, is a n intriguing matter for s p e c u l a t i o n .

The success of the intra­ mural program derives from its multidisciplinary approach, the high degree of cooperation among its highly competent staff members, and its scientific integrity. In the proven approach to governmental research planning, investigators submit research proposals based on their own ideas, and peer reviewers judge the proposals based on scientific quality. Progress derives indirectly from this spontaneous accumulation of knowledge. This system has been particularly successful in the biomedical and behavioral fields.

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