Coal Science by Gould R.F. (ed.)

By Gould R.F. (ed.)

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But nature must strike a very delicate balance in that the subsidence rate has to be tuned to the rate of production of the peat. If the rate of subsidence is too slow then the depressions in the landscape fill too quickly with sediment and not enough water is present to slow down the rotting and degradation of plant material. In this case peat will not form for a long period. On the other hand if subsidence is too fast, for example in a coastal area, the sea can inundate the swamp The Negative Greenhouse 35 permanently À unlike in a short lived storm À and kill off the peat-forming plants and trees.

11), the period over which land plants appeared and began their colonization. The δ13C of terrestrial organic matter (TOM) À in other words fragments of land plants in that period À varied between 226 and 223m. The authors of the study (Strauss and PetersKottig, 2003) are circumspect about their data from fossil material older than 370 million years because of the uncertainty of the origin of some of the organic material they analyzed, however they recognize the rather large variations in δ13C after 370 million years as very significant.

Offshore in the Gippsland Basin geologists believe that there is space for 20 gigatonnes of CO2 which represents hundreds of years of storage for the Latrobe Valley’s CO2 output. BIBLIOGRAPHY CarbonNet Project. au/carbonnet.. CO2CRC. au/.. CO2Sense, 2010. A Carbon Capture and Storage network for Yorkshire and the Humber: PreFront End Engineering Study Executive summary. DECC UK emissions statistics. aspx.. Economist, September 24, 2009. A new climate treaty could provide a highly effective way to reduce carbon emissions by paying people to not cut down forests.

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