Combat Kick Boxing: A Framework for Success by Pat O'Keeffe

By Pat O'Keeffe

Designed to be easy and transparent, this can be a finished handbook on kick boxing. It seeks to give an explanation for every thing a kick boxer must comprehend to strengthen kick boxing abilities for strive against.

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Maintain a tight guard throughout the kicking action. The main target areas for this kick are the lower calf, common peroneal nerve, the muscle insertion point above the knee, and the inside of the thigh. (Diagram 3) When used to hit the common peroneal nerve, a variation of this kick calls for a pushing action with the shinbone on contact. It adds to the effect and is perhaps the most painful and incapacitating of the leg kicks. A truly knockout combination can be made by throwing a low roundhouse to either the common peroneal nerve, or the muscle insertion point above the knee, and then immediately following it with a roundhouse knee kick to the same target.

You should practise until you can eliminate stepping across to the centre line of the body as this will telegraph the kick unless you are careful to disguise it. Further, you can spin and throw the leg straight from the floor. This will reduce the kick’s power, but is very deceptive. Fig 53 Fig 54 The main targets for the spinning backthrust kick are the shin, knee, lower abdomen, thigh, stomach, liver, and kidneys. Fig 55 50 Targets and Techniques Fig 56 Head-Butt The head-butt is a close-range strike whose power is derived from its weight – the head weighs approximately 15 lb – and the hardness of the skull.

Back Elbow Strike 32 Fig 29 Targets and Techniques Striking Surface: Back edge and point The back elbow strike is used to counter an attack from behind. For this reason it is well-suited to breaking holds. ) To strike, clench your fist and thrust backward with the point or rear edge of your elbow, using the shoulder to generate power. (Fig. 30) Extra power can be added by twisting at the waist. The main targets for the back elbow strike are the jaw, throat, solar plexus and the lower abdomen. Descending Elbow Strike Fig 30 33 Combat Kick Boxing Striking Surface: Point This is the finishing blow.

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