Combustion diagnostics by nonintrusive methods by T D McCay; J A Roux; American Institute of Aeronautics and

By T D McCay; J A Roux; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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These data are presented in Fig. 10. H. J. F. idid— 5X VIBRATIONAL DEPHASING CONTRIBUTION TO LINEWIDTH ASSUMED 2 752 502 25- J? 2 00I z: o 1 75- GORDON ROTATIONAL DIFFUSION MODEL / ^^=^===^~^^^ r i- 1 50- " Q H -2L CO 1 25- A A / t , , 1 90 1 100 * INVERSE POWER LAW MODEL FOR ROTATIONAL RELAXATION 1 00 — 0 75-i 0 50- 0 25 — 0 - I 10 1 20 I 30 I 40 1 1 1 50 60 70 PRESSURE,ATMS 1 80 110 1 Fig. 11 Comparison of inverse power law and Gordon model of rotational relaxation. Experimental data are the same as Fig.

A separation of 3 mm was produced between these two parallel beams. The other w. 54 cm between the two oj. beams. 6-cm-diam, piano convex, antireflective coated lens was used to focus the w, and uu Nd: YA G LASER BS ^ n M BS ^\. 3) = 0 . 3 REFLECTANCE MIRROR T = TELESCOPE P = PRISM F = FLAT DM = D I C H R O I C MIRROR L -LENS B = H ? - A I R BURNER BF = BLUE PASS FILTER S = BEAM STOP PS = PERISCOPE BS = BEAM SPLITTER ND = NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER V = VIDICON Fig. 1 Schematic of the CARS measurement 'System.

6 Hall, R. , Verdieck, J. , and Eckbreth, A. , "PressureInduced Narrowing of the CARS Spectrum of N2»" Optics Communications, V o l . 35, Oct. 1980, pp. 69-75. Hall, R. , "Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopic Modeling for Combustion Diagnostics," Optical Engineering, Vol. 22, May 1983, pp. 322-329. 8 Hall, R. J. and Greenhalgh, D. A . , "Application of the Rotational Diffusion Model to Gaseous N 2 CARS Spectra, Optics Communications, V o l . 40, Feb. 1982, pp. 417-420. Q Gordon, R. , "On the Pressure Broadening of Molecular Multiplet Spectra," Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol 46, Jan.

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