Composition and Properties of Oil Well Drilling Fluids by George R. Gray, etc.

By George R. Gray, etc.

The numerous significant advancements that experience taken position within the box of oil good drilling fluids know-how have referred to as for a complete rewriting of the overdue Walter F. Rogers' vintage reference resource. This Fourth version describes the newest thoughts and refinements of drilling fluids expertise and continues to be the basic advisor to a fancy zone of petroleum construction.
entrance subject
• Preface
• desk of Contents
1. advent to Drilling Fluids
2. the improvement of Drilling Fluids expertise
three. gear and tactics for comparing Drilling Fluid functionality
four. Clay Mineralogy and the Colloid Chemistry of Drilling Fluids
five. The Rheology of Drilling Fluids
6. The Filtration houses of Drilling Fluids
7. the skin Chemistry of Drilling Fluids
eight. gap balance
nine. Drilling difficulties concerning Drilling Fluids
10. finishing touch, Workover, and Packer Fluids
eleven. Drilling Fluid parts
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Be careful of mud liquid mud IN8 Can be used by dumping into tank of solvent Not used solids muds Excludes It. solids on medium weinht mud I Essential for drilled solids eontrol I Useful on Medium weight muds Not used Can be used to reduce at. trol for true wts. ) Non-dispersed Unweigbted Weighted Oil muds Preformed stable foam Gas. air and mist ~ Maximum required for mixing new mud Not required unlesa additives used Not needed Essential in kick control May be used on high wt. systems Not used Not needed Essential to prevent settling Important to maintain uniform system Essential t o prevent settling and maintain viscosity Needed if additive used but not after foamer added Not needed Medium will have smaller akount of solids and more liquids Medium.

Cation Exchange Capacity: Methylene Blue Test The methylene blue test serves to indicate the amount of active clay in a mud system or a sample of shale. The test measures the total cation exchange capacity of the clays present and is useful in conjunction with the determination of solids content as an indication of the colloidal characteristics of the clay minerals. Similarly, shale cuttings can be characterized and some estimations can be made regarding mud-making properties and possible effects on hole stability.

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