Control Theory from the Geometric Viewpoint by Andrei A. Agrachev

By Andrei A. Agrachev

This e-book provides a few proof and strategies of the Mathematical keep watch over concept taken care of from the geometric standpoint. The ebook is especially according to graduate classes given through the 1st coauthor within the years 2000-2001 on the overseas university for complicated stories, Trieste, Italy. Mathematical must haves are decreased to straightforward classes of research and Linear Algebra plus a few uncomplicated actual and useful research. No initial wisdom of keep watch over concept or Differential Geometry is needed. What this ebook is ready? The classical deterministic actual international is defined via gentle dynamical structures: the long run in the sort of process is com­ pletely decided by means of the preliminary stipulations. additionally, the close to destiny alterations easily with the preliminary info. If we depart room for "free will" during this fatalistic global, then we come to manage structures. We accomplish that by way of permitting convinced param­ eters of the dynamical approach to alter freely at each immediate of time. that's what we mostly do in genuine existence with our physique, motor vehicle, cooker, in addition to with airplane, technological strategies and so on. we strive to regulate a majority of these dynamical structures! delicate dynamical platforms are ruled by way of differential equations. during this booklet we deal basically with finite dimensional platforms: they're ruled by means of ordi­ nary differential equations on finite dimensional delicate manifolds. A regulate procedure for us is therefore a relatives of standard differential equations. The kin is parametrized through keep watch over parameters.

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