Crafts To Make In Spring by Kathy Ross

By Kathy Ross

Provides twenty-nine easy-to-make craft tasks with springtime topics, together with cotton swab pussy willows, a robin redbreast door placing, and an Easter bunny egg holder.

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L Glue craft feathers above the eyes of the bird to make a crest. A 4 Paint the cardboard tube a bright color. Cut a 2-inch (5-cm) slit on each side of one end of the tube. Slide the bottom of the bird head into the slits so you have a holder for the bird mask. Make masks for your friends, and you could have a whole flock of colorful birds this spring! I A- Here is what you need: spaghetti 1 white glue small margarine tub with a lid craft feathers craft stick for mixing brown poster paint Here is what you do: Break enough spaghetti into small pieces to make about a cupful.

2 3 6-inch [ 15-cm) green pipe cleaner or sparkle stem Styrofoam tray for drying Paint the entire caterpillar body yellow. 5cm)-wide rings from the cardboard tube. Paint the rings green. I (50 E-- white glue A 9 Slide the rings over the body of the caterpillar and arrange them so they are evenly spaced to give the caterpillar stripes. Glue the rings in place. Cut a 4-inch (1 0-cm) piece of pipe cleaner. Thread one end in one side of the top of the caterpillar head and out the other to make the , antennae.

Rub glue around the inside the top the tube. of of Press the ends of each ribbon down into the glue in the top of the tube. Arrange the ribbons so that they hang down around the tube pole. Dip the ends of some artificial flowers in glue and tuck them in the top of the pole. M I ' b Punch a hole on each side of the bowl. Tie the end of a 24-inch (61-cm) piece of ribbon through each hole so that the Maypole can be tied 'on to wear as a hat. 5 Put on the hat, twirl around, and pretend you a-re a Maypole!

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