Dangerous dinosaurs by Carey Scott

By Carey Scott

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This sail may have helped Spinosaurus keep cool in the hot African climate, or simply been used for display—to attract a mate. Q What were Stegosaurus’s plates for? A The bony plates running along Stegosaurus’s back were almost certainly not weapons. Experts think they were covered in skin, making them quite soft, with blood vessels (veins) inside. If this is correct, the plates may have helped to regulate body temperature. They would have absorbed the Sun’s heat, warming up Stegosaurus. Spinosaurus 47 How did dinosaurs escape danger?

Strong, thin tail Allosaurus Flexible armored bands Protective spikes Kentrosaurus Q Which was the spikiest dinosaur? A Kentrosaurus, meaning “spiked lizard,” was certainly one of the spikiest. It was an East African stegosaur, which measured about 16 ft (5 m) long. Pairs of bone plates protected its neck, shoulders, and back. Six pairs of spikes—each of which was up to 2 ft (60 cm) in length—adorned its lower back and tail. Kentrosaurus would have used these spikes to fend off theropods, such as Allosaurus.

Iguanodon had unusually flexible hands and was able to grasp food in its fingers. More Facts n Diplodocus may have flicked its long tail like a whip, causing serious damage to attackers. n Dinosaur fossils often show evidence of fighting in the form of broken bones. n Like some dinosaurs, modern iguanas have a row of spikes on their necks and backs to deter attacks from predators. Land iguana Q How useful were massive claws? A Therizinosaurus had three huge, lethal-looking claws on each hand. However, some experts think the claws were too blunt to be used as weapons.

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