Development, Anatomy, and Physiology by A.D. Johnson (Eds.)

By A.D. Johnson (Eds.)

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In 45-day dog fetuses, 80-day bovine, and 18-day mouse, the mass of the rete has subdivided and lumenated, forming an intercon­ necting tubular system that seemingly has no numerical relationship to the original rete cords (Fig. 9E, F ) . These newly formed rete tubules connect to the inner terminae of the seminiferous cords. Anteriorly, the mesonephric corpuscles degenerate completely, leaving the rete con­ nected to the mesonephric tubules with which the lumena of the rete 1. Development of the Mammalian Testis 29 tubules become continuous.

Development of the Mammalian Testis 27 (Fig. 3C, D ) . A differential shift of the urogenital sinus results in the ventral portion, containing the terminal end of the metanephric duct, being pulled anteriorly, and the dorsal portion, holding mesonephric and Mullerian ducts, pulled posteriorly. This movement results in a crossover of the two duct systems (Fig. 3D, Ε ) . Β. Mullerian Ducts The Mullerian duct originates in the cow and dog as an invagination of the coelomic epithelium at the anterior end of the mesonephros, im­ mediately outside the mesonephric duct (Figs.

1944). Histological studies of boar testes. /. Morphol 75, 291. Gruenwald, P. (1941). The relation of the growing Mullerian duct to the Wolffian duct and its importance for the genesis of malformations. Anat. Record 81, 1. Gruenwald, P. (1942). The development of the sex cords in the gonads of man and mammals. Am. /. Anat. 70-71, 359. Jirasek, J. E. (1967). The relationship between the structure of the testis and differentiation of the external genitalia and phenotype in man. Ciha Found. Colloq.

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