Dive into Python by Mark Pilgrim

By Mark Pilgrim

* speedy begin to studying python―very instance orientated procedure

* publication has its personal website validated via the writer: http://diveintopython.org/

Author is widely known within the Open resource neighborhood and the ebook has a different fast method of studying an item orientated language.

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Python Programming for Arduino

Strengthen functional web of items prototypes and functions with Arduino and Python

About This Book

Transform your rules into real-world purposes utilizing Arduino and Python
Design and boost prototypes, interactive consumer interfaces, and cloud-connected purposes on your projects
Explore and extend examples to counterpoint your hooked up device's purposes with this step by step guide
Who This publication Is For

This is the booklet for you while you are a scholar, hobbyist, developer, or fashion designer with very little programming and prototyping event, and also you are looking to strengthen IoT applications.

If you're a software program developer or a clothier and need to create hooked up units purposes, then this publication can assist you get started.

In Detail

The destiny belongs to purposes and prone that contain attached units, requiring actual parts to speak with web-level functions. Arduino mixed with the preferred open resource software program platform Python can be utilized to strengthen the following point of complex web of items (IoT) initiatives with graphical consumer interfaces and Internet-connected applications.

Starting with designing prototypes utilizing Arduino, this e-book will then convey you every thing you want to recognize with a purpose to enhance advanced cloud purposes. you'll delve into domain-specific issues with incremental complexity, finishing with real-world tasks. you'll fast learn how to improve consumer interfaces, plots, distant entry, messaging protocols, and cloud connectivity. each one successive subject, observed via lots of examples, may also help you increase your state-of-the-art functions.

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You’ve discovered the fundamentals of Python, yet how do you are taking your talents to the subsequent degree? whether you recognize adequate to be efficient, there are various positive aspects which can take you to the subsequent point in Python. seasoned Python, moment variation explores strategies and lines in general left to experimentation, permitting you to be much more effective and artistic.

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Note: Python vs. Perl: from module import from module import * in Python is like use module in Perl; import module in Python is like require module in Perl. Note: Python vs. * in Java; import module in Python is like import module in Java. 4. import module vs. FunctionType Dive Into Python (1) 40 >>> FunctionType (2) Traceback (innermost last): File "", line 1, in ? NameError: There is no variable named 'FunctionType' >>> from types import FunctionType (3) >>> FunctionType (4) (1) The types module contains no methods, just attributes for each Python object type.

You already know about callable, getattr, and in. As you saw in the previous section, the expression getattr(object, method) returns a function object if object is a module and method is the name of a function in that module. So this expression takes an object, named object, getting a list of the names of its attributes, methods, functions, and a few other things, and then filtering that list to weed out all the stuff that we don't care about. We do the weeding out by taking the name of each attribute/method/function and getting a reference to the real thing, via the getattr function.

Append("Moe") directly. But you didn't call the function directly; you specified the function name as a string instead. (4) getattr also works on dictionaries. (5) In theory, getattr would work on tuples, except that tuples have no methods, so getattr will raise an exception no matter what attribute name you give. getattr isn't just for built−in datatypes. It also works on modules. 12. FunctionType 1 >>> callable(getattr(object, method)) (5) 1 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) This returns a reference to the buildConnectionString function in the odbchelper module, which we studied in Getting To Know Python.

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