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Result of broad learn at either Amoco construction learn, Tulsa, and within the box convey that penetration fee and its reaction to weight on bit and rotary pace is extremely depending on the hydraulic horsepower achieving the formation on the bit. because the drilling fluid move price units the approach strain losses, and those strain losses set the hydraulic horsepower around the bit, it may be concluded that the drilling fluid is as vital in picking drilling expenditures as all different “man-ntrollable” variables mixed.

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86 lb/gal 3. 86 lb/gal? 5 bbl water to add to1000 bbl to reduce the mud density . 2 Calcium Carbonate Rev. ” Amoco Production Company Drilling Fluids Manual Calculating Maintenance and Treatment Requirements for an Active Mud System A mud system during drilling and circulation is undergoing continual change. Because of the change, the mud must be treated to maintain its desired properties. In order to make the most economical treatments, it is important to know the current component concentrations, and based on assumed or calculated losses, be able to calculate the amounts of materials required to maintain the system.

79 lb/bbl lignite Therefore, the volume of barite and water can be calculated by subtracting the volumes of bentonite, caustic and lignite from the required volume of 1200 bbl. 84 bbl. ” Rev. 5 lb/gal. Solids Analysis Material balance concepts can easily be applied to solids analysis problems. 0 lb/gal mud with 32 volume % retort solids and 6 volume % oil. Given: Mud Density, lb/gal Retort, volume % Solids Oil Water Rev. 33) Where x = %LGS 1. 6. 5% low gravity solids 2. If solids are reduced by one percent, what is the resulting mud density?

Displacement a. Open-End Pipe - Displacement, as related to drill pipe, drill collars and tubulars is the volume of fluid that the pipe will displace if placed into fluid open ended to allow it to fill inside. The displacement volume equals the volume of metal in the pipe. The pipe’s outside diameter, OD, and inside diameter, ID, are used in the equation below. 4 3. Closed-End Pipe - Displacement, as related to drill pipe, drill collars and tubulars is the volume of fluid that the pipe will displace if placed into fluid with the lower end closed to allow no fluid inside.

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