Dynamic AIKIDO by Gozo Shioda

By Gozo Shioda

Old concept, glossy perform: Dynamic Aikido brings jointly the full spectrum of theoretical and utilized aikido. via it, you could turn into completely attuned to ones opponent, can feel his intentions and switch his routine to ones personal virtue. accomplished and completely illustrated, Dynamic Aikido provides the fundamental postures and stances, basic suggestions and purposes: tips to deal with a frontal assault, the right way to keep away from an assault from the rear, the best way to experience and thwart the pickpocket. a vital spouse for each newbie, an important reference for college kids of all levels.
Aikido-a martial paintings deriving its effectiveness, like judo and karate, from the stream of ki:
- innovations that, while completely mastered, permit the mild to beat the strong
- workout and game for women and men of every age, in accordance with traditional routine and concord of brain and physique

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74) Practise this combination on the focus pads, remembering to curve your body behind the hooks and to take half a pace forward with your rear foot during the execution of the cross. If your opponent has a tendency to overreact when you throw head punches, you can turn this combination into a mediumrange attack by preceding it with a jab/cross. This five-punch combination is fast and very strong; practise it on the focus pads and be sure to curve your body behind the shots. Thrown with commitment this combination is the perfect way to close off a fight.

Advanced Kick Boxing Fig. 24 Fig. 25 30 Jumping Kicks Fig. 26 The power comes from a strong hip twist that should be emphasised throughout the technique. The natural action of the kick takes you out of the path of the right cross and if your opponent telegraphs his intent, you can knock him out with this technique. Practise this on the big bag by swinging it away from you and just as it starts to return, pull back, jump and twist. Try to explode through the bag and make it jump rather than swing away from you.

Work this combination on the shield – it is a jolting and morale-sapping counter. (Fig. 59) Fig. 57 50 Sweeping Fig. 58 Fig. 59 51 Advanced Kick Boxing Spinning Heel Kick/Spinning Sweep This is an ambitious combination, but not beyond the reach of a skilled exponent. Timing, power and a strong commitment are necessary. 1) As your opponent throws a rear leg kick (or side or roundhouse kick) withdraw your lead leg. (Fig. 60) 2) As the kick passes you, turn into a spinning heel kick. (Fig. 61) 3) If your opponent ducks to avoid the kick he has settled his weight perfectly for you to launch a fast, strong spinning sweep.

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