Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai by Yamamoto Tsunetomo

By Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Outlines the moral code of the samurai in a time while the martial abilities of the warrior turned redundant and his function was once subsumed into governmental provider.

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Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

Outlines the moral code of the samurai in a time while the martial talents of the warrior turned redundant and his position was once subsumed into governmental provider.

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If for some reason your left hand is unable to be used to stop that counterattack, perhaps due to its trapping or being trapped, the right hand can whip inward to catch up to the punch, borrowing power in the process. The arcing snap of the fingers adds speed to the Kau Sau as well as Juen Ging Whirlpool Energy. It can also be used as a “catch-up trap” by moving backwards towards your own body to trap or retrap the opponent’s non-attacking hand from behind when it is held in a guard position or if it is grabbing or trapping your other hand.

Photo 10—Fook Sau/Fook Gyeuk. In this application of the Three Family idea to the legs, the knee is brought downward and inward to deflect kicks that come in from the inside. When the knee itself is used to block, the motion can also be called Fook Sut. 43 C •RWBook1 8/19/04 1:55 PM Page 44 Close Range Combat Wing Chun: Volume One Yang Blocking Motions For reasons that will become more clear to the reader as the basic concepts of the system are explained in further detail, I have chosen to introduce the basic blocking motions of Wing Chun according to their Yin/Yang structures.

The Wing Chun horse stance can also be called, the “Goat Straddling Stance,” as it is said that Grandmaster Yip Man advised his students that when practicing the “Yee” Jee Keem Yeung Ma, they should imagine holding a powerful goat between the knees. Turning the feet inward for stability in this way simulates having two “Heavy Legs” at the same time. The resistance to being pushed or pulled created by this position is used in many basic drills such as Look Sau (Double Rolling Sticky Hands). Holding the feet at an angle in relation to the opponent is similar to walking sideways down a steep slope—in each case, you are turning the widest area of the foot to the direction you want more stability in.

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