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You might want to adjust the significance level used in post hoc tests and the confidence level used for constructing confidence intervals. The specified value is also used to calculate the observed power for the test. When you specify a significance level, the associated level of the confidence intervals is displayed in the dialog box. GLM Command Additional Features These features may apply to univariate, multivariate, or repeated measures analysis. The SPSS command language also allows you to: „ Specify nested effects in the design (using the DESIGN subcommand).

You can use this matrix data in other procedures that read an SPSS matrix file. Datasets are available for subsequent use in the same session but are not saved as files unless explicitly saved prior to the end of the session. Dataset names must conform to SPSS variable naming rules. 34 Chapter 3 GLM Repeated Measures Options Figure 3-9 Repeated Measures Options dialog box Optional statistics are available from this dialog box. Statistics are calculated using a fixed-effects model. Estimated Marginal Means.

Subjects and repeated variables may be of any type. Assumptions. The dependent variable is assumed to be linearly related to the fixed factors, random factors, and covariates. The fixed effects model the mean of the dependent variable. The random effects model the covariance structure of the 45 46 Chapter 5 dependent variable. Multiple random effects are considered independent of each other, and separate covariance matrices will be computed for each; however, model terms specified on the same random effect can be correlated.

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